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Nothing can take away the thrill of owning a car like a bad service experience.....

The number one complaint being the fact that the service department did not fix the problem. The technicians are highly trained, but diagnosis can be extremely difficult if they are not supplied with necessary information. Below are some tips to aid you in allowing the technician to do his/her job.

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1) When visiting the service department, supply the service advisor with as much information as possible. Tell them your problem and ask that they repeat it back to you, so you know that they have a clear understanding of your issue.

2) When you experience a problem with the operation of your car, make a mental as well as a written note of the conditions at the time of the problem, ie: was the engine warm or cold, what were the weather conditions, at what speed was the vehicle traveling etc.

3) ALWAYS ask your service advisor to check for outstanding factory recalls on your vehicle. These are services provided free of charge by the manufacturer.

4) Many drivability issues are covered under the emissions warranty. This is extended past the normal drive train coverage in most cases. If the fix for the problem is an emissions related part, there will be no charge to the customer as long as the emissions warranty is still in effect. Too many people have wasted their hard-earned money with a backyard mechanic in an attempt to save a few dollars. Always return to the dealership service department, especially with drivability issues.

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5) The technicians are factory trained and work on the same problems every day. They receive updates regarding service issues on a regular basis. There is no need for paying for unnecessary trouble shooting in a garage where your mechanic is not familiar with the operation of your vehicle. Go to the pros!

6) Develop a relationship with your service advisor. Always attempt to deal with the same contact person in the department. Give them an opportunity to know you as well as know your vehicle.

7) Always ask for an estimate before work is performed. Most misunderstandings come from the fact that there was a breakdown in communication regarding costs. Never be afraid to ask questions regarding charges. This will save you much aggravation.

8) If you feel you must dispute your final bill, don’t confront the service cashier. He or she has no idea of the work which was performed on your vehicle. Always speak with your service advisor.

9.) Before the shop actually begins repairs, you have the right to ask for and receive replaced parts, unless those parts are under warranty. In that case, they must be returned by the shop to the manufacturer, distributor or other person. You may pay an additional charge for retrieving parts because the shop usually can sell them.

10.) Last, but certainly not least, take your vehicle into the Service Department in a clean condition. Show them that you take pride in your vehicle. Your technician will know that you care.........and caring is contagious!

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